Manta’s Ambassador Program

The Ambassador program of Manta Network officially started on the 4th of May. That was a great chance to become a part of an amazing project, a big devoted community, and take the Manta Network to new levels together with an experienced team. Being an official Mantalorian — what an honor! The enthusiasts from the Manta community have accepted this news with excitement!

And the question comes to WIIFM (What’s in it for me?). There are a lot of advantages and pluses about being a Manta ambassador. The main rewards of the project are:

  • Manta’s native token bonus (depends on the level of your ambassador’s progress and your role).
  • For those who host events, there will be special token rewards as well.
  • Manta Swag — an elite item that will be mailed or sent to the best ambassadors.
  • Rare Manta Network NFTs and NFTs of Mantalorian.
  • One of the most important things where the ambassadors can gain more experience is the connection with the project’s team with the discussion of the future of Manta Network.

Aren’t you already excited? Well, those who have been there in time and have applied for this wonderful program — life may change completely.

If you are wondering whom Manta Network is always looking for, we will give you some hints. By the way, the team is very scrupulous while choosing new Mantalorians. Therefore, the best fit for the Manta Network would be:

  • Born leaders — people who have already been leading communities and have a lot of experience with blockchain technologies.
  • Manta enthusiasts — those who truly care about security and who value all the advantages of the projects, who are ready to lead this system to the higher levels along with the team.
  • Active social media users — to help Manta Network to communicate with other people and make the community wider.
  • Developers and testers are very welcome to the project — those who are eager to enhance their skills and help the project grow, who can find bugs and make the experience of using Manta Network unforgettable.
  • And, last but not least, strong Manta believers are a very valuable part of the team — people who see Manta’s future clearly and who are ready to make everything that depends on them for improving plug-and-play privacy.

Leave your step in the history of Manta Network!

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